South Sudan breaking news – Khartoum resorts to air raids on Southern territory


News reached overnight that the regime’s airforce has resumed bombing raids on the territory of the soon to be independent South Sudan, aiming to pave the way for yet more military incursions into the oil rich parts to the South, ostensibly set to grab the oil wells before independence.

The leadership in Juba is set to launch immediate diplomatic protests about the violation of the CPA and the Southern airspace and envoys are being briefed and dispatched as this story is filed to start a series of meetings in regional East African capitals but also in Europe and the US as well and the UN in New York.

Previous article have already highlighted the Janjaweed like raids on populations in South Kordofan, the Nuba mountains and in Abyei, driving tens of thousands of innocent civilians again from their homes.

As is alleged in Libya where Gadaffi reportedly gave orders for mass rape to intimidate and cow his own population, equal suggestions are being made now as far as militias loyal to Bashir’s regime are concerned as well as the conduct of the Northern occupation army units.

The ‘scorched earth’ policy again unfolding, as in Darfur and prior to the CPA in the parts of the South held by Khartoum troops and militias, is aimed at destroying property and unleashing brutal terror on the African population of the South while trying to create facts on the ground to grab the Southern oil wealth in what can only be called ‘grand theft and armed robbery by a nation state’.

It is understood from usually well informed sources that anti aircraft units are being deployed now to the border region with the North though as often in the past this will only force the regime’s Antonov bomber aircraft to fly at high altitude and more likely than not hit civilian populations instead of military targets, in this case not ‘collateral damage’ but a deliberate act of yet more war crimes. It is now 29 days to go until independence of the South and it appears that the Bashir regime is going to make the final countdown as difficult as possible, showing the true faces of an Islamist hardline regime practicing oppression and enslavement of Africans in their own continent.



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