RwandAir’s first CRJ900 goes into the Bombardier paintshop for mid October delivery


(Picture of a CRJ900, being painted in RwandAir livery)

RwandAirs first of two Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft, due for delivery in October this year, is now, that the annual factory closure for the summer holiday season is over, in the manufacturers paintshop, where in coming days it will emerge in the blue and yellow colours of RwandAir.
Set for delivery to Kigali in the second or third week of October, according to present information at hand, MSN 15286 will be handed over to the airline in a ceremony at the assembly plant before being flown via Europe to The Land of a Thousand Hills, before the sister ship MSN 15287 will follow.
It is understood that RwandAir has an option for at least one more of these state of the art aircraft and there is speculation if the option will be exercised in due course already, as the national airline of Rwanda continues to expand in terms of destinations and frequencies.
Announcements are expected as to new destinations at the end of September or in early October, and there is excitement amongst the aviation fraternity in Eastern Africa as the carrier will add a further two fully owned brand new aircraft to their fleet, something only Kenya Airways and Precision Air have accomplished in the past, with all other airlines in the region so far having opted for older and ageing aircraft due to the cost involved in outright purchase of new birds. Congratulations to RwandAir therefore for breaking through the ceiling others with less vision have set for themselves and for believing that a small countrys airline CAN accomplish phenomenal achievements if only the nation and the leadership are behind it.
Watch this space for breaking news and regular updates from Eastern Africas vibrant aviation industry.

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