Seychelles enters fibre optic broad band era as new system goes online


Visitors to the tropical Creole island paradise of the Seychelles will now be able to surf the net at full broad band speeds, made possible by the connection to the global grid via fibre optic cable. The connection, originating from the Tanzanian coast off Dar es Salaam, landed in the Beau Vallon Bay area of the main island of Mahe in early June and has since undergone extensive testing, before being officially launched.
Seychelles Cable Systems, jointly owned by the government of Seychelles, Seychelles Cable & Wireless and Airtel, has started offering business and domestic users affordable packages to surf the net. Higher speeds and lower cost will ensure that e-Commerce continues to penetrate the archipelagos businesses, linking Seychelles commercial sector, amongst them of course the guest houses, holiday villas and resorts but also the DMCs and key conservation organizations to the global market place.
Airtel in particular has across their African mainland countries of operations rolled out superfast 3.75G networks, accessible by USB modem, though companies and commercial users are provided with state of the art network equipment linking them to the world. Cable & Wireless, for long the dominant provider of telecom services in the islands before Airtel commenced operations two years ago, too has undertaken domestic investments with an island wide, presently Mahe only, fibre optic cable link to give new subscribers almost instant access to the fastest ever internet connection available on the archipelago. Outer islands will continue to be linked via satellite to the internet, although it is planned to link the Seychelles second and third islands, Praslin and La Digue, also to the domestic fibre optic grid. Watch this space for future updates and a feedback on speeds and connectivity when next visiting the islands in due course.

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