Sarova Whitesands undergoing a 20+ million US Dollars room upgrade programme


During a meeting with Sarovas Regional General Manager Mohammed Hersi information was confirmed today that the hotel, resort and safari lodge group will be spending in excess of 20 million US Dollars to upgrade their nearly 350 rooms and suites at the Sarova Whitesands Resort and Spa to a true 5 star standard over the course of 2012 and 2013.
The beach frontage rooms will be the first to be completed, likely by November this year, when approximately 170 rooms will have been converted into a state of the art 5 star room environment. Presently some 80 rooms have been taken out of commission and are being stripped down to the walls, with everything being removed before a new room layout will be inserted as the ready to see sample room already demonstrates.
Interactive flat screen TV sets will offer the option to not just watch DStv, the African continents premier satellite pay TV system, but can also connect ones own laptop, get all the resort activities on the screen, check bills and even verify the status of arriving and departing flights, which will make it a feature novel to the Kenyan beach resorts while already common at leading Nairobi city hotels.
The Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa ended 2011 with an 85 percent average occupancy, no mean achievement for Kenyas largest beach resort, and is currently on a YTD basis looking at around 80 percent. That, Mohammed attributed to a number of factors including a vastly improved F&B delivery, now ably steered along by chef Gurpreet Singh Mehta, who in a separate meeting explained that their new menu plan only saw itself roll over and repeat itself after 14 days, offering guests a different choice of selections over an entire 2 week period. The other factor mentioned was the 23 member strong animation and entertainment team, led by Nick Ladu, which as witnessed kept guests engaged and involved in a range of activities, for children at their Ozone Club and for adults starting with workouts in the morning till the cabaret or Salsa dancing performances something guests can learn during their stay for free at night.
Guests often leaving for early flight departures or off on a safari before first light are served breakfast at the coasts only 24 / 7 restaurant in any of the beach resorts, the Minazi, which serves snacks but also a full selection of main courses and most important that early breakfast without which no day should start, especially a very early day.
The Sarova Whitesands works hand in hand with a number of regional airlines to promote holiday packages from within but also beyond the East African Community to what has clearly become one of Kenyas most in demand coastal holiday resorts. Watch this space for an upcoming feature article about the Kenya coast, the were to go and where to eat out, the tourist attractions like the Haller Park and of course also telling a story or two about the nearby safari national parks which can be reached within a few hours drive from the beaches. Visit for more detailed information on their Kenyan city, resort and safari properties.

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