Second 9 holes at the Lake Victoria Serena to be ready by Oktober


(Posted 11th June 2018)


The Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa will soon have double reason for celebrations.
Work on the second 9 holes of the already famous golf course has advanced well and they are due to be formally launched at the 06th of October, when the annual #SerenaOpen will be played over 18 holes.
Presently is work being completed on the remaining three holes still ‘under construction‘ – six are already complete – following which the grass will be laid.
The narrow fairways, often bordering water on both sides – the resort is set on the shores of Lake Victoria and the only one of its class in Uganda – have time and again been described as ‘challenging‘ and beginners are known to run out of balls which ended up in the water.

Another cause for celebration is the advancing work on the new Kampala to Entebbe Highway, which will link both city as well as Munyonyo to the international airport. In fact is the stretch from Munyonyo to the Serena – and also from Kajjansi to the Serena – now open and has even the traffic signs already installed which mark the turnoff, although the last kilometre to the Serena main gate is still a murram road, but expected to be upgraded to tarmac in the near future.

The main stretch of the highway from Kajjansi, where a toll gate has been installed already, is also nearing completion and once open for the public can the Serena be reached in just over half an hour from the time of leaving the Entebbe Airport parking.

This will help to have the Lake Victoria Golf Resort & Spa claim pole position, not just for golfers but also for non golfing tourists and of course business visitors who will be able to dodge the traffic jams on the present Entebbe road when commuting into the city.

For more information about the resort click on the following link:

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