Serena Hotels in ground breaking training initiative with DEG of Germany


The Kampala Serena Hotel will be East Africa’s leading hospitality group’s second property to host a new training initiative, first rolled out at the Polana Serena in Mozambique, where it was termed a huge success.

Serena Hotels and DEG, a German government owned investment development agency, have partnered to work with at least 120 young trainees over the coming two years, introducing them to the top level of hospitality as is available in Eastern Africa.

Under the partnership agreement, Serena Hotels has so far successfully implemented the initiative in Mozambique’s Polana Serena Hotel, and will this coming Monday, 22nd April, roll out a similar initiative in Uganda’s Kampala Serena Hotel before going into Rwanda for a similar exercise. Through Serena’s participation, the staff is set to gain valuable skills in hospitality, written and spoken French while four hospitality colleges will each nominate four students quarterly to undertake the program in internships. During the three month period the students will not only receive added skills training in hospitality, but also be covered against injuries while at work, courtesy of Kampala Serena Hotel.

The project will be implemented in three phases with phase one involving design and implementation of training programs for the different interns from the hospitality institutions. Phase two of the project will involve the evaluation and consolidation of training structures, while the third phase which is also in agreement with the overall project object will see to the improvement of vocational training in the gastronomical sector.

The trainings will be conducted by Lets Sell Lobster, a South African firm specializing in training staff of Africa’s finest Hotels, Resorts, Safari Lodges and Restaurants. The company’s business involves inspiring and empowering staff, from junior to senior levels, in service areas including food, wine, housekeeping and reception, while providing a holistic approach to the art of 5 Star services.

Through the use of various training instruments, Lets Sell Lobster will additionally employ the use of e- learning platforms, conduct a general training program with theoretical and practical evaluations and train select supervisors in its “train-the-trainer” program who will in the end get opportunities for intensive exposure training in other 5 Star hotels. Serena Hotels, together with other institutional partners in Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda, will support the project’s vocational/Internship training structures to ensure the full realization of it objectives and develop the corresponding capacity of institutions in East Africa. What Serena Hotels hope to achieve from this project is to open the world of hospitality training to as many students as possible, and it is expected that by the end of the program, at least 120 students will have benefited from this project.

Mahmoud JanMohamed, the CEO and Managing Director of Serena Hotels, was quoted to have said ahead of the Kampala launch: ‘Serena Hotels places great importance on human resource development and the equitable and fair treatment of its employees, and that as a growing employer of young people in East Africa and Mozambique, it will seek to realize its Corporate Social Responsibility Mission through the creation of training, internships and employment opportunities that will improve the professional lives of its members of staff and the youth in hospitality institutions.It is our hope that this framework will become a model for other industries that will unlock a new set of resources and expertise in Africa’s youth’.

As usual Serena is setting standards and trends instead of following others, one reason for their unrivalled level of hospitality services across the region. Watch this space for an update after the programme launch next Monday.

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