Seychelles aviation news – ‘HM’ appoints new GSA in Finland


As the Seychelles national airline continues to explore ways and means to bring more passengers to the archipelago it has in its latest move signed up a new general sales agent in Finland. Airtouch will now look after ‘HM’s’ interests and in particular promote travel to the islands via the European gateways of London, Paris, Milan and Rome, which can be reached with flights from Helsinki on a daily basis.

The long and harsh winters in Finland make the all year summer destination of the Seychelles a dream come true for many wishing to escape the cold and the dark, which engulf Finland during the months between November and March each year, and special fares will be on offer to make a holiday in ‘Seychelles – Another World’ attractive for the Scandinavians.

Meanwhile has Air Seychelles also increased their efforts to penetrate the Chinese market, presently the fasted growing for the archipelago in percentage terms, through their flight to Singapore, where Chinese citizens can connect with ease for a nonstop flight to Mahe. Chinese arrivals, at the half year point, are nearly double compared to 2010 already and had in fact doubled between 2009 and 2010. By end of 2011 over 2.000 Chinese visitors are expected to have come to the Seychelles, aided also by easy connections with Emirates, Qatar Airways and undoubtedly boosted further when Etihad commences flights in November this year. 


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