Tanzania aviation news update – New board appointed for TAA


A new board of directors has been appointed on Saturday in Dar es Salaam by the Minister for Transport for the Tanzania Airport Authority. The new board now faces a multitude of challenges as the government has committed itself to revamp the aviation infrastructure across the sprawling East African country, where many parts can only be reached with ease and swiftly when using air transport.

Several aerodromes and secondary airports are in the process of being upgraded or are due for upgrading in this and the next financial years, and the board will be tasked to ensure that the projects come in on time and on cost estimates, unlike in the past when often massive cost overruns were encountered while deadlines passed without new facilities being completed. Mwanza is amongst the country’s primary airports also due to be modernized while in Dar es Salaam added work is needed to connect the Precision Air hangar to the rest of the airport and generally give the terminals and other facilities a face lift and expansions.

Mwanza in fact is already benefitting from the upcoming work scope as Precision Air has now based one of their ATR aircraft permanently at the airport for flights from Mwanza to such places as Bukoba across Lake Victoria, making access to aviation services available to the wider public. 



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