Seychelles aviation news update – Helicopter Seychelles, back in the skies and there to stay


The recent return to the skies over the Seychelles archipelago by Helicopter Seychelles has according to the companys CEO Capt. Shaun Tinkler-Rose already made a difference through medical evacuation flights at night, which the airlines Agusta helicopter is capable of performing. In a communication received through a regular source on Mahe the airline executive had this to say: Weve been absolutely delighted with your response to our re-launched services and the support that has been proven by bookings. For that, we thank you so much! The 24 hour service with Medevac backup at night has proven itself very successfully a few times already within the Agusta fleet, obviously this was a service that was severely lacking here in the Seychelles in the past. Consequently after judging the current market we can now refine our published rates to reflect the actualities that have emerged from our first few weeks of operation. The NEW Charter Rates document setting our specimen prices for main routes has been very well received. You will note that our Bell 206 JetRanger prices remain competitive, these have been tweaked to be a little lower as you may notice. Furthermore we are pleased to bring our prices for the night-flying twin-engine Agusta 109 into a range which is more accessible to a greater number of potential consumers. This should help with a service that is needed in the Seychelles and should not be only for a limited few. We are now entering a period of consolidation bringing in more pilots and specialist staff. We have also begun a dialogue with helicopter manufacturers to supply us with new larger machines to expand our existing services and we are planning to launch these new helicopters into our service in the medium to long term, but please bear with us as this will not happen overnight. Well keep you posted! We are also looking into something completely different watch this space? We are committed to achieving fair pricing and an unparalleled customer service, then maintaining it. We listen carefully to your concerns and have structured much of our new service around your requests. Please continue in feeding back your ideas (good or bad) to us. With thanks again for your support, and kind regards.
The news about the relaunch of Helicopter Seychelles, after the breakup of the earlier merger with Zil Air, was reported here a few weeks ago and it is rewarding to see how the company has once again established itself firmly in the Seychellois skies. Happy Landings!