Seychelles conservation update – Wildlife Club plays crucial role in beach conservation


The Wildlife Club of Seychelles had made an effort, jointly with officials of the environment department, to support measures against beach erosion such as replanting of trees and shrubs, erecting bollards to keep vehicles off the beach itself and educating people as to the goals of the project. Additionally the group was also working on dune restoration, the protection of areas forested by mangroves.

The members of the Wildlife Club also engaged with fishermen to create added awareness amongst this important group of the people of Seychelles, depending a lot on clean unpolluted waters and intact beach and aquatic ecosystems.

Officially acknowledging the work done was the Minister for Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy the Hon. Joel Morgan, who was accompanied by Mr. Didier Dogley, Principal Secretary for Environment.

The Seychelles are known to have the broad support of the population in all matters concerning environmental protection, with much of the waters around the inner islands dedicated as marine reserves and national parks while many islands too have been set aside to protect bird and sea life.

Some of the funding for the work came from the multimillion Euro ‘Recomap’ funded project which is supported by the archipelago’s development partners.