Seychelles news update – Tourist Board CEO advises investors


An international investors forum in Victoria on the main Seychellois island of Mahe, benefitted from the advice of Seychelles Tourist Board Chief Executive Alain St. Ange earlier in the week, when discussing specifics of value addition and the creation of new attractions for the Creole islands.

Amongst the recommendations give was the opportunity to build a state of the art tropical ocean aquarium at the Victoria ocean front where marine life from the entire archipelago could be shown to visitors, who otherwise would never be able to travel to the outlying islands to see ‘the real thing’.

St. Ange went on to reassure potential investors that the partnership between government and the private sector in the tourism industry had created the right framework to attract more visitors, and in turn more facilities including transit hotels were needed to address the requirements of travelers staying only one night on Mahe before embarking on their trips to the outer or more distant islands.

Investments in the Seychelles are possible as an outright directly owned venture or else in partnership with Seychellois citizens, and a range of incentives are in place to bring in more direct foreign investment for much needed new resorts and tourism ventures.

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