Seychelles Island Foundation holds AGM at Vallee’ de Mai centre


(Posted 18th April 2018)

The Seychelles Island Foundation, managers of the archipelagos’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites Aldabra Atoll and Vallee’ de Mai, recently held their annual general meeting, the 38th in fact.
The board decided to hold the meeting at the visitor centre of the Vallee’ de Mai National Park where the discussions focused on illegal trade in endangered species but also to allow for a site inspection and assessment of the park’s invasion by yellow ants.
Also on the meeting agenda was the construction of Aldabra House, the planning for which is now at an advance stage and which will serve, when complete, as a tribute to the proverbial Garden of Eden.

In related news does the government of the Seychelles still plan to attain UNESCO World Heritage status for Venn’s Town in the Morne Seychelles National Park and improvement for the site continue being carried out to get the site ready to meet the criteria for an inspection and audit before a decision can be taken.

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