Seychelles news update – STA signs renewed pact with Reunion


The Seychelles Tourism Academy has just announced the renewal of a partnership and cooperation agreement with similar institutions on the island of La Reunion. Information released by STA indicates that over the past three years, since they first signed a pact in April 2008, over 50 students from Reunion had been able to come to Mahe and study at the STA campus, before either returning home with their new found skills and return to their original workplace or else, as in several other cases, being recruited to work in one of the resorts across the archipelago where demand for qualified and experienced staff remains high and beyond what the Seychellois labour market can presently provide.

The renewed agreement also provides for lecturers from STA to visit their Reunion counterpart institution to both teach as well as absorb experience, while arrangements have also been put in place to have as many as 20 STA students visit Reunion where they will study and train before returning home.

The Seychelles have in recent years been a driving force in cooperation with other Indian Ocean island states, and while La Reunion is technically a French overseas territory a close partnership is nevertheless in place for the benefit of both in terms of joint tourism policies, promotion of cruise tourism and trade.