Uganda news update – Thursday a public holiday at ‘the Pearl of Africa’


The swearing in ceremony set for Thursday, 12th May, when President Museveni will take the oath of office for another term following his resounding election victory at the end of February, will give Ugandans from all walks of life the opportunity to celebrate the day too, being off work.

Around a dozen fellow presidents, prime ministers and special representatives will be in Kampala for the event, and most of the visiting dignitaries will be staying at the Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo near this correspondent’s residence, enjoying the tranquility of the Lake Victoria shores.

Sections of the opposition comprised of the more mature and levelheaded politicians have already accepted to attend the main function at the ceremonial ground in lower Kololo, while known rabble rousers will be trying to hold a separate ‘swearing in’ for three times election loser Besigye, having failed to come to terms with their broad rejection at the ballot box during the general election.

Members of the new parliament will be swearing in over a period of three days from the 16th May onwards, and the outgoing parliament is due to end its term this week too, setting the stage for the announcement of a new cabinet by the president, all due to parliamentary clearance needless to say.

In the meantime have several tourism associations finally spoken out against the violence wreaked upon Ugandans by sections of the political opposition and in carefully chosen language pointed to the damage the ill conceived ‘walk to work’ campaign has done to Uganda’s reputation abroad, the loss of business since then and a substantial downturn in tourist and visitor arrivals for the rest of the year, should dialogue not take centre stage and confrontation persist.

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