Seychelles Tourism Ball 2012 set for the Constance Ephelia Resort


While staying at the 5star rated Constance Ephelia Resort it was confirmed that this years Seychelles Tourism Ball will be hosted by the resort, welcoming the entire Seychellois tourism fraternity for the now annual event.
Cosponsored by Laurent Perrier Champagne, which this year looks back at 200 years of making top rated wines and champagnes, the event will also commemorate the UNWTO World Tourism Day, which will fall into the same week as when the ball is held to celebrate the industrys achievements.
Now part of the annual calendar of events, which spread across all 12 months of the year, the ball will this year welcome guests with what has been described as a Hollywood Style red carpet at the entrance and guests will be able to enjoy a bottle of Laurent Perrier on their table, besides sponsored wine, water and of course a superb buffet dinner, for which the resort has established a distinct reputation confirmed by this correspondent who cannot speak highly enough of the food creations produced day in day out by the team of talented, and award winning chefs the resort employs.
At a cost of 1.200 Seychelles Rupees, about the equivalent of 100 US Dollars per person, the evening is expected to be a sellout again and final discussions between the resort management and STBs CEO Elsia Grandcourt were concluded today, leaving STBs Events Department now dealing with the finer details to be taken care of over the next four weeks, hand in hand with the resorts F&B department. Tourism Minister Alain St. Ange, just returned from a successful trip to promote the country in Brazil, said: We are committed to not only defend the industry that remains the pillar of our economy, but we also continue to work tirelessly to consolidate it. Everyone involved directly or indirectly in the industry need to show public support for tourism on World Tourism Day.
Tourism is more than just hotels and restaurants. It encompasses everything that makes our economy, and on the night of the 2012 Seychelles Ball all those who believe in our countrys tourism industry will be present

Dont we all wish to be there and join that evening of fun and celebrations? Only in the Seychelles, truly Another World.

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  1. No doubt, this was a successful celebration where the participants left with impressive and memorable experiences

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