Sheraton Kampala to host vintage and classic car show on Saturday


The Sheraton Kampala Hotels this coming weekend is the place to be for classic car enthusiasts, when the gardens of the hotel will showcase some 40 vintage and classic cars from collectors and motor buffs around the country.
The event has been widened into a society weekend with a jazz concert on Saturday night featuring local legend Isaiah Katumwa, prizes for the best dressed couple in attendance of the show and lots more fun for kids with their bouncing castles, ice cream and other goodies.
An impressive lineup has been confirmed for the show with a range of models dating back to the pre-independence 50s, the post-independence 60s and 70s giving todays Kampaleans, used to eternal traffic jams, a glimpse into past days, when the owners of those cars would majestically cruise through Ugandas capital city, while most others in those days would ride a bicycle to work. Sadly for this correspondent an event to be missed as other duties call in Ruhengeri / Rwanda where on the same day the Kwita Izina Festival comes to its conclusion. Watch this space.

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