South Sudan news update – ‘Put us on global maps please’

Ever tried to get the Weather Channel show you the temperatures and daily weather updates from Juba, the capital of the newly independent South Sudan? Think again. The relentless propaganda by the former slave regime in Khartoum has managed to keep Juba off the Weather Channel map, and in fact the same propaganda machine continues to attempt to keep the new Republic of South Sudan off the maps of global organizations and mapping services, including Google Earth and others.
Long time supporters of the people of South Sudan, and their aspirations for liberty and freedom, are now gearing up to change that too and have the new country, already a member of the United Nations and the African Union, put in its proper place and do away once and for all with the pretence by the North that the country is still one.
RoSS, the Republic of South Sudan, is presently joining up with a range of global bodies like the International Telecommunications Union, ICAO and others to be sure to be heard and have their rightful place in crucial organizations, which have a significant influence over how things are done in certain sectors of the economy. But most important, the new country needs to get on the maps for would be visitors to the countrys national parks in particular Boma which has already been given global exposure through National Geographics TV series Great Migrations so that they can find the location of the country and the exact location of the national parks and game reserves. Being absent from such crucial fact finding sites on the web would otherwise play in the hands of the erstwhile regime and be a deterrent to potential tourist and business visitors, who now habitually Google locations and countries before they embark on a trip.
Sign the petition to include the South Sudan in world maps and on key search engines and websites via through the link shown her for convenient access:

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