Southern Sudan news update – New constitution passed in the nick of time


As tomorrow, 09th of July is coming ever closer in the Southern Sudan, parliament in Juba finally, in a near overnight session, passed the required Constitution, governing the new country for the next four years from the day of Independence, before a new, broadly agreed upon constitution is developed in a consultative fashion. The passing of the new constitution was the final hurdle to be taken before Independence Day, paving the way for the new country to be ‘born’ on Saturday, when the flag of the Republic of Southern Sudan will be raised and then fly all over the new state.

Notably will the constitution allow for dual nationality, aimed at empowering Southern Sudanese forced into exile by the slave regime in Khartoum during the years of the liberation struggle, who will now be able to retain the citizenship of their host country while also showing solidarity and belonging to the new Republic of Southern Sudan. The new constitution will be promulgated by President Gen. Salva Kiir prior to the Independence ceremony which will be held in the heart of the new capital city of Juba.

Watch this space.