Sport fishing thrives in Uganda on rivers and lakes


(Posted 18th March 2015)

Fishing in Uganda is one of the more popular activities for expatriates but also fishermen from abroad and the many lakes and rivers offer plenty of opportunity to test the lines and the strength of one’s arms, especially when a Nile Perch of 100 pounds or more bites.

Some of the most popular fishing spots can be found along the Nile River inside Murchisons’ Falls National Park, both immediately under the falls and alongside the Chobe Safari Lodge in the forested upper section of the park.

Last week was one of the big fishing competitions held in Murchisons’ and fees and licenses earned UWA a reported 100+ million Uganda Shillings or about 35.000 US Dollars. Over 60 participants had lined up at the event and a new record catch of 120 kilograms was established by competition winner, South Africa’s Paul Bartmans.

Now in its 15th year was this particular fishing competition established in 2001 for the purpose of raising funds for project inside and outside the park, with this year’s proceeds largely going to the Paraa school which caters for UWA staff working at the park.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority also benefited from a donated outboard engine, a boat and a motorcycle to assist in water and land based surveillance and antipoaching operations.

I think we have to do more to promote such added activities. It earns UWA fees and earns us commissions when we include fishing in our itineraries. When clients spend about three days in Murchisons, they visit the top of the falls, take the launch to the bottom of the falls and visit the Nile delta at Lake Albert. Surely we can substitute one game drive for a half day fishing? It is all about packaging’ contributed a regular source from Kampala when discussing the event and the opportunities arising from it.

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