The waters around Reunion, a whale watchers paradise


(Posted 21st July 2015)

The island of Reunion is one of the best places in the world for whale watching, including humpback whales which are classified as a protected species. These giants of the sea are a strong symbol, a tribute to nature and living heritage that are undeniably one of the wonders of La Reunion and year after year seen by more and more visitors who come to the island to see this amazing spectacle. Every year during the Southern winter season and especially from June to September, humpback whales coming from the Atlantic seek out the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean to mate and calve. The first of the whales seen this year have settled on the west coast of the island and specifically in the Bay of Saint-Leu. Coming across these majestic mammals in their natural environment is always a unique and privileged moment and a must see for tourists coming to the island. Conservationists and professionals are taking a long term approach o whale watching to ensure that this unique spectacle can be preserved for generations to come. To accomplish this have the authorities set up regulations how to approach the whales and launched the O²CR label (Observation Certified Manager of Cetaceans in Reunion). For followers of such enjoyable and almost effortless outdoor activities has French tour operator Exotismes launched offers for an ecotourism trip to come to Reunion and watch the humpback whales.

This is a great opportunity for tourists to increase their knowledge on the environment and issues related to protection of marine life.

For more information on the discovery of living marine mammals click on => while more destination information can be found via

information on the discovery of living marine mammals => while more destination information can be found via