Tracker dog units set to strengthen park security


(Posted 21st July 2015)

Sources in Rwanda have confirmed that several tracker dogs have been introduced at Akagera National Park. The canines and their handlers will commence regular patrols in areas where in the past poachers were known to have entered the park, with the aim to sniff then out and flush them out before bringing them to justice.

While poaching has a low prevalence in Rwanda as a result of determined law enforcement is the added measure nevertheless a welcome strengthening of anti-poaching operations. A total of eight tracker dogs were imported and two specialized dog handlers will train their Rwandan colleagues on how to interact with the dogs and use them to track down intruders into the park.

Only recently was a pride of lions introduced into the park, when South African authorities cooperated with Rwandan authorities to facilitate the translocation of the lions, after some so called conservationists in Kenya sabotaged a lion translocation a year ago when they peddled half truths about Rwanda and Akagera not being capable of ensuring the safety of the lions.

Next on the wish list of translocations will be the Eastern Black rhino and the park managers – Akagera is a joint venture between the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department and African Parks – have expressed their confidence that they will succeed in the near future bringing a breeding stock of these endangered species into the park.

With the added security measures falling into place will the arrival of two key species, lions and rhinos, no doubt add to the attraction of Rwanda’s only savannah national park.

The other national parks in Rwanda are Volcanos National Park near Musanze, Nyungwe Forest National Park not far from Kamembe and the new Gishwati National Park which is best accessed from Gisenyi, the main Rwandan town on the shores of Lake Kivu. For added information about Destination Rwanda click on

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