Top 10 world airports named by Skytrax, not one from Africa or the Middle East amongst them

Information became available overnight that Skytrax has announced the 10 top airports, based on their extensive and detailed surveys carried out amongst passengers, but as often is the case, not one airport in Africa was named amongst the winners.
Leading the pack was once again Seouls Incheon International Airport, followed by Singapores Changi International Airport and with Hong Kong International in third place. As a surprise to many came Amsterdams Schiphol fourth, not a view shared by many travelers from this part of the world who complain bitterly about extremely long taxiing and marathon walks if a connecting flight leaves from the other end of the terminals. A surprise fifth for many was Beijings Capital International Airport which has left positive impressions on the growing number of passengers flying in and out of Chinas capital city. Sixth and seventh were Munich and Zurich, following by a more likely candidate for a higher finishing, Kuala Lumpurs International Airport which had to settle for eight. Number nine in the 2012 honours list was Vancouvers International Airport with Japans Central International Airport taking the tenth and last slot.
African airports, including the award winning Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam which was named best airport in the Indian Ocean region, did not make it to the top level, leaving undoubtedly room for future improvements in services and performance. That said of course, some of the sparkling airports in the Middle East did also not make it into the top 10, something which is likely to change when the new Doha International Airport comes into operation next year or when Dubai World International eventually opens for passenger operations. Watch this space.

4 Responses

  1. Haven’t been to Schiphol, but from what I have studied about airport planning and construction, the Dutch did a good job. I’m not entirely surprised therefore, apart from Beijing coming in before Dubai International. That surprised me, having travelled through both.

  2. Do they even know that we are not a country but a continent and that we have an international airport in Kampala? ( entebbe is the second one )