ZANTEL introduces better deals for data bundles


Residents will be smiling, as will in particular visiting tourists, now that ZANTEL, which is part of the UAEs Etisalat Group, has introduced new data bundles, which can be taken advantage of by purchasing a local SIM card and then surfing the net, uploading pictures on Facebook or sending them by email, listening to music or streaming content with no limitations on data usage.
Not all visitors who come to Zanzibar or to Tanzanias mainland are staying in high priced resorts where free wifi is being provided, and in fact not all resorts are yet providing free wifi services for guests, while more budget friendly resorts, hotels or guest houses simply do not have the facility for their guests.
The easy access to SIM cards across Eastern Africa has in recent years led to a massive increase of purchases by visitors, on business and on holiday, to take advantage of the often substantially cheaper calling rates, unlike roaming services which can cost dearly and only become apparent weeks afterwards when the bills arrive and wipe out the holiday budget for the next trip.
All operators in Eastern Africa now offer data bundles, and while some have not yet migrated from 2G to 3G, others have introduces 3+G or are preparing for 4G introduction already. As for everything, a little comparison will do visitors good in terms of cost of calls and cost of data bundles, as few mobile providers offer the unlimited option for their subscribers, but those who do are of course prime candidates for visitors from abroad, to get the best deals available on the market. Come visit the Tanzanian mainland and its fabulous game parks before enjoying the sandy beaches and cultural and historical sights of Zanzibar and roam the net with ZANTEL.

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