Twende Tu recaptures market and grows stronger from edition to edition


With the first three editions now published and the fourth in the making, it was learned during a recent visit to Nairobi that Twende Tu has now captured over 7.000 subscriptions and over the counter sales, with the trend showing a strong growth into the third edition and likely more yet when number four hits the shelves soon.
Born out of the necessity of the market asking for a travel and lifestyle magazine again, tailored around the initial Twende and the erstwhile merged and equally put to rest Travel News and Lifestyle, Twende Tu according to publisher and editor in chief Carole Arwings Kodhek is: a chatty, informative new magazine that reaches out to a cross-cultural, multi-generational market. It aims to reflect our pride in Kenya and the region as a whole.
Twende Tu is targeted at an audience interested in new places and new experiences. Aimed primarily at the AB (and aspiring) C1 markets, bi-monthly Twende Tu fills the gap in the domestic and regional market for informative, entertaining articles that explore the region and the world. Written by people who know and love the region, the magazine is aimed at encouraging people to break out and explore, get more and learn more from their travel experiences. The audience includes business people looking for new conference venues, stay-overs, networking opportunities, and venues for incentive groups, as well as couples looking for weekend getaways. The audience is well-heeled and already travel savvy, so are looking for new opportunities to expand their horizons. Of these, many seek celebratory or long weekend getaways
So there you have it, Kenyas latest places and destinations, all readily available in Twende Tu for those initially wanting to go on safari from their armchair before whetting the appetite and venturing out into the bush, or the city, to explore the new places Twende Tu has discovered for their readers.
Well done to Carol and her team, keep up the good work.

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