Uganda aviation news – Qatar Airways flights to Madrid now use Terminal 4


Travellers to Spain have been notified that Qatar Airways, the 5 star airline, will be switching terminals at Madrids Baraja International Airport, from presently Terminal 1 to their new location in Terminal 4. The move will be effective Monday 16th January and is aimed to improve service levels. Ground handling for the flights will also shift to Iberia Airport Services, again for the purpose of optimizing handling performance in Madrid.
Terminal 4 offers superior facilities, like restaurants, shops and in particular the Iberia VIP Lounge, a key ingredient for premium passengers as is a fast track facility for them, bypassing any queues. The terminal is also directly connect to the Spanish capital’s public transport system using busses, metro and rail. Additionally can passengers with onward connections to a final destination in Spain connect to Iberia flights in the same terminal, eliminating any need to change terminals.
Qatar Airways operates daily B777 flights from Doha to Madrid and also to Barcelona to which travelers from Uganda, and in fact the other East African destinations of Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, and soon Mombasa, Zanzibar and Kigali can connect. Watch this space.

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    I love to read your blog about news in aviation of east africa. But these news about middle-east carriers connection options are really not news about africa anymore.

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