Uganda CAA launches yet more demands on passengers coming to and leaving Uganda


(Posted 16th November 2022)


Bueraucrazy – pun intended – galore it is again, after the Ugandan CAA and Ministry of Health are now demanding added e-paperwork and registration from passengers entering and leaving Uganda.

As if past missteps, often later hastily withdrawn in the fact of massive critique and lack of practical workability, had not tought anyone any lessons, are passengers now facing the following demands:


  • All travellers who enter Uganda via airports are required to complete the MoH Uganda Travel Health Declaration
  • All passengers arriving to and departing from Uganda are required to complete the Traveller Health Declaration form within 24 hours of the flight time.
  • All travellers should hold a valid COVID19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test with a sample taken at most 72 hours prior to the first port of embarkation, en-route to Uganda.
  • Children below the age of 5 years are exempted.


or via


This new requirement is effective with immediate effect.