Uganda CAA withdraws registration requirement after the provervial shitstorm hit the timelines



(Posted 20th November 2022)



After the highly controversial registration directive by the Uganda CAA, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, did predictably a social media shitstorm of major proportions  break loose.

Do these people ever learn any lessons from past PR disasters‘ asked one regular contributor and reader of ATCNews before adding: ‘Those responsible in the Ministry of Health and the CAA for this faux pas should be fired, they brought and continue to bring Uganda into discredit abroad and make us look like fools who do not know what they doKnow this, Uganda is no laughing stock, it is these people who are the laughing stock, now again exposed for knowing not what they do.

Some time ago, during the height of the COVID19 pandemic, were many other directives given and later withdrawn or significantly modified, when found out that no consultations with stakeholders had taken place and that the directives were therefore not working. Sadly did in one particular case the arrogance and ignorance of officials lead to arriving passengers being marooned at the Entebbe International Airport in terrible conditions, when they had to wait for their PCR test results – then required on arrival with literally no notice – which in some cases took up to 7 hours to be available.


ATCNews had last week also blasted this latest uncoordinated decision when publishing this article:

Uganda CAA launches yet more demands on passengers coming to and leaving Uganda


The word ‘Bureaucrazy‘ made the rounds but the presssure eventually became too much for officials to dig in their heels and insist that all was well, when clearly it was not.


This afternoon therefore did the UCAA publish a brief statement via Twitter, announcing that the Ministry of Health had, for the time being, withdrawn the directive:


This means that passengers, arriving and leaving Uganda, do now NOT NEED TO REGISTER ON LINE, for now that is, until another hair brained scheme hits the public, likely too without prior consultation with the real experts. will continue to monitor the situation and publish further updates on the matter as and when available.


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