Uganda goes into a 42 day lockdown to halt the rapid spread of the pandemic


(Posted 19th June 2021)

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni last night in a speech broadcast on all TV and radio channels across the country announced what he termed ‘urgent and temporary but extraordinary measures … to protect and preserve our lives‘.

Amongst these measures is a new curfew, now lasting from 7 pm to 05.30 am (19.00 hrs to 05.30 hrs).

The President also spelled out key economic sectors which should continue to function, among them:

Health and Medical Services
Cargo Transport
Tourism, Manufacturing and Industries

All other sectors not specifically mentioned are now considered closed for the next 42 days, among them bars and roadside drinking places as well as the hitherto busy Kikuubo shopping and trading area in downtown Kampala. Also closed were casinos, betting shops, gyms and public beaches along the Lake Victoria shores. Churches and other places of worship have also been closed
Hotels and restaurants were permitted to remain open but stand alone restaurants will, as a result of the early curfew, have to close by late afternoon to permit staff to get home.

How staff going to work are to move remains an open question for now, as boda boda transport of passengers has been stopped and public transport has been suspended.
The same question has already been raised how people will be able to access shops to buy their daily provisions as according to the directives no public transport or boda boda transport is available.

Across the country has public transport been suspended and this applies in particular for traffic attempting to cross district boundaries, something now prohibited unless cleared under specific circumstances.

Motorbike transport, aka Boda Boda, is now only permitted for the transport of goods but not for passengers.

Entebbe International Airport will remain open for passenger and cargo flights but the President did say that ‘we shall ensure that no virus or new variants enter Uganda‘. How this is to be achieved remains to be seen until a further update on SOP’s and health and safety regulations in place for travelers arriving in Entebbe from abroad has been formulated.

Transport for passengers going to and coming from Entebbe remains permitted but proof of journey will be required at traffic checkpoints, especially during curfew hours.

SOP’s and health and safety regulations, as published more recently, remain in place until a new set will be announced.

Should any further announcements be made or material changes to SOP’s, health and safety regulations be published, will ATCNews inform readers accordingly.

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