#Uganda’s Julius Obwona wins the Prince William Award


(Posted 06th October 2018)


Uganda’s conservation fraternity will wake up this morning to the news that one of the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers, Julius Obwona, has been awarded the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award by Prince William who is the Duke of Cambridge and second in line to the throne of the British Monarchy.
Julius, who joined Uganda National Parks, the legal predecessor of what is today the Uganda Wildlife Authority, in 1995, progressively rose through the ranks as a result of his determination and focus on the job, serving today as Warden in Charge of Law Enforcement.
The official award ceremony is slated for the 08th of November and will be held in London.
The award goes along with a grant of 10.000 UK Pounds and is one of three annual awards the organization, of which Prince William is the Patron, hands to outstanding individuals in conservation.
Julius, when he learned about being awarded, said: ‘When I heard about this award, I was humbled. I had memories of every single encounter, every single challenge. I thought, ‘wow – my contribution to conservation is being felt by the world.’
He also said: ‘Every creature in this world has a purpose and a positive one. We should strike a balance living in harmony with them. These resources must be protected.

Watch a YouTube clip about Julius by clicking on the link below:

For added information click on www.tusk.org


Congratulations to Julius and his colleagues in Murchisons, across Uganda and across Africa who every day put their live on the line to protect our precious wildlife.

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