#Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority pulls plug on NO FlyAfrica


(Posted 19th June 2018)

Information from usually well informed sources in Harare suggests that the Civil Aviation Authority may finally have pulled the plug on what this correspondent has regularly called ‘NoFlyAfrica’ – given the many flight cancellations the airline has inflicted on wannabe passengers – who in the face of the obvious continued to part with their money.
The airline, version one in particular, had a dark cloud hanging over them under the regime of one Adrian Hamilton-Manns, which to this day owes Zimbabweans money for tickets which were never honoured and the search link to articles about that failed wannabe airline can be accessed below.



Sadly did common sense not prevail in the HQ corridors of the reloaded version two of Fly Africa as the new owners insisted to use a name which for all purposes should have remained in the bottom drawers of cabinets in the deepest basements. Struggling from day one of the relaunched airline were the timelines on social media full again about flight cancellations and late departures and claims began piling up once more for refunds. It remains to be seen how this is playing out now that the aviation regulators at last seems to have done the right thing, way overdue of course, and pulled the AOC from the airline, effectively grounding them.

It is hoped that CAAZ will now promptly give traffic rights to low fare airline Fastjet for the route to and from Bulawayo to give travelers the affordable option to fly instead of having to opt for long distance busses.

Once additional information comes to light will details be released right here.

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