#Nairobi terror attack update


(Posted 16th January 2019)


(First picture received by ATCNews yesterday afternoon of the unfolding attack)


Further to the initial report filed shortly after the terrorist attack on the Riverside Park in Nairobi commenced can it now be confirmed that operations to clear the affected buildings, which reportedly includes the DusitD2 Hotel, continue to this point.
Individuals known to this correspondent are still trapped in their offices within the Riverside Park and await to be rescued.
Tourism sources in Kenya have condemned the attack, for which Al Shabab, a Somali terror group, has claimed responsibility as has the country at large blamed the terrorists for their cowardly attack on innocent civilians.

One of the social media forums has at 01.46 hrs posted the following update:

Media sources indicate 14 people have been killed, according to a mortuary worker, after Al Shabaab militants attacked the DusitD2 Hotel, located near Riverside Dr and Science Cr. Additional sources have indicated 30 others have been injured; however, there has been no official confirmation of casualty numbers as of yet. A short burst of gunfire was reported approximately an hour after the situation was deemed under control by the interior minister; however, the cause remains unclear and further details have not been provided. All buildings impacted by the attack have been declared secured. The attack started with reports of gunfire as militants stormed a security gate after which they reportedly hurled explosives into a parking lot before entering the hotel. Media sources have also indicated a suicide bomber was involved. Expect residual police activity in the area.

Further reports are now suggesting that as many as 15 bodies were taken to mortuaries in Nairobi and many injured in the attack are now admitted in local hospitals. There have also been suggestions that foreigners were amongst those killed with one source speaking of one British and one US citizen being among the dead.

ATCNews expresses condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those who so tragically died in the attack and wishes comfort and strength to those who were injured together with wishes for a speedy recovery.
Numerous very graphic pictures were received by ATCNews but will not be published as a token of respect for those whose lives were brutally cut short by a band of terrorists making a mockery out of their religion.

Security in neighbouring countries, especially in Uganda which is a major contributor of troops to the UN / AU Somalia mission, has been visibly stepped up as have border controls been sharpened to avoid an contraband crossing the land borders and to detect wanted individuals on entry or exit.

Stand by for further news updates as and when available.

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