New Nigerian airline places #Africa’s largest order for #Boeing #B737Max


(Posted 23rd December 2018)

A newly formed private airline in Nigeria, Green Africa Airways, has placed what is Africa’s largest ever order with Boeing. The new airline has ordered 50 Boeing B737MAX8’s with options for another 50, making waves across the continents before even taking to the skies.
With competition by Air Peace, Dana Air and Arik Air, among others, does the team preparing the new airline for take off, certainly have all intent to take the market by storm, when they commence operations. Led by a number of US aviation executives, some from American Airlines including Tim Horton, previously President and CEO of AA, does the new start up certainly have the expertise among the promoters to get this right, though only time will tell who the financing of this massive aircraft order is structured, what routes the Nigerian regulators will allocate to the new airline, both domestic and regional, and what time frame has been set for aircraft deliveries and launching flight operations.
CEO of the new airline is a former Morgan Stanley senior executive, Mr. Babawande Afolabi.

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