New tourism clips from Reunion now available on YouTube


(Posted 31st March 2015)

Ile de la Reunion Tourisme has now launched 24 individual short videos to highlight the services and attractions of the island, each covering a specific aspect with a duration of just one minute.

The tourism industry is an important sector for the economic development of the island of Reunion. In an effort to better inform the people of Reunion on the tourism sector’s contributions and economic impact at large, has IRT noq produced a series of 24 ??short awareness videos for to showcase the depth of the tourism sector’s service range.

"Tourism Moments": an immersive discovery of tourism business

Each of the twenty-four different videos ??invites the viewer to discover variety. Various professionals explain the specific aspects of their business, the tourists who give their impressions on the destination’s attractions, the students who intend to work in the field of tourism, high-level athletes ??who combine passion and promote the destination as an adventure dream. The clips all have the same objective, informing the public about the many professions and segments of the tourism sector.

If the panel of tourism-related occupations is extensive work in the tourism sector can address seven values ??in everyday life:

  • the principle of commitment : to make her passion a profession;
  • the principle of movement : working in an evolving;
  • the principle of work : the trades that move;
  • the principle of interaction : working in contact with tourists;
  • the principle of sharing : to offer his experience of the destination to travelers;
  • the principle of pleasure : to contribute to visitor satisfaction;
  • the principle of territory : invest and own the development of the island.

You want to know more about the business of tourism in Reunion? Find "The Tourism Minute" broadcast on the local channel 1st Meeting,

The first of the videos will be screened this Tuesday, March 31st and run through until Friday 01st of May before the evening news at 7 pm across Reunion. For interested readers outside Reunion who are keen to see the videos please click on Tourism Meeting Youtube channel to see the 24 clips.

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