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Amadeus’s latest newsletter is again full of sector specific insights which normally only ‘insiders’ come to know about. Here is is all out in the open for all to read and internalize.

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Is Wearable Technology the next

big thing?

Wearable technology is predicted to

become the biggest thing since the

release of the smart phone. A whole host

of technology is available and under


to create a truly personalized experience

for travellers. Amadeus highlights some of

the key trends in wearable

technology and the opportunities it

presents for the travel industry:

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Guest Post – PCTechMag

The gender gap in the tech industry is so

significant that one doesn’t need to do any

scientific study to realize it. In any field

in this world, obtaining balance is very

important and ICT has moved from being

a specialty to a way of life. A great article

highlighting why the Tech industry needs

more women:

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Locate, Communicate and Assist

your travellers

Duty of care and managing risk are key

components of any corporation’s

travel management strategy. Corporate

travel agencies dealing with multi-

national companies have a key role to

play in assisting these corporations

with managing incidents that put their

travellers at risk.

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Meet the Amadeus team –

Mary Mugo

Mary Mugo, an assistant accountant at

our Nairobi offices describes herself as

optimistic and courageous. Her favourite

quote is, “A smile is the universal

welcome: Always wear one at work”

and we couldn’t agree more! Get to

know her a little better:

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Congratulations Rhona

Shirley Nabona!

Amadeus Content Store in conjunction

with TBO ran a competition last

year and Rhona Nabona of Let’s Go

Travel Uganda, who had the highest

number of bookings on Content Store in

the region, won herself an HP 630 Laptop.

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