The End of the Great War – #Kenya Remembers


(Posted 02nd April 2018)


Plans to stage a great commemorative ‘Patrol‘ in a very remote part of Northern Zambia at Mbala, where the German troops finally surrendered when they belatedly learned of the Armistice having been signed in Europe two weeks earlier already, have, despite major efforts, come to naught.
Guerillas of Tsavo‘ had attempted to organize accommodation for a growing number of their followers to facilitate an on site commemoration but according to Mrs. Eileen Willson these efforts have not succeeded.

Wrote Eileen:

Thank you for your interest in our proposed Guerrillas of Tsavo itinerary to attend the centenary events commemorating the ending of the East African Campaign of the First World War and the final surrender of the German forces at Mbala Northern Zambia on 25th November 1918, 14 days after the armistice in Europe.

It is with great regret that after nearly a year of trying various options to secure accommodation in this very remote corner of Northern Zambia, where only a basic infrastructure exists, we have failed to obtain conformation of any suitable accommodation on the dates required for those who had shown interest in joining this Guerrillas of Tsavo Patrol.

As a result we have now officially withdrawn from the event and therefore shall not be arranging any patrol under Guerrillas of Tsavo.

However, all is not lost for those who still wish to attend the ceremony in Zambia.

Claire Powell of Thorntree Safaris, (email and Peter Jones (email in Livingstone, Zambia, are the organisers and

Ms Choolwe at Voyagers Travel ( in Lusaka is very helpful.

All can be contacted direct.

End quote

However, plans in Kenya to commemorate the event in Taita Taveta, where much of the early action of the Great War, aka First World War, are on course for November this year and even the county government is taking part as can be seen via which outlines their plans for the event.

Writes Eileen again:

Alternatively, here in Kenya, arrangements are well in hand for a similar commemorative event, marking the end of the East African Campaign of the First World War. to be held in Taita Taveta County over the weekend of the 23/25th November 2018.

End quote



The ‘Guerillas of Tsavo‘ organisation will fully participate in these commemorative events and anyone interested should contact Eileen or James Willson – Author and Battlefield Guide – for details. (Email


(Picture courtesy of Guerillas of Tsavo)

However, updates will be provided here as and when available to ensure that this commemoration will see as many people as possible get to Taita Taveta and pay tribute to the fallen of 100 years ago.


(Picture courtesy of Guerillas of Tsavo)

Added information, featured in articles by this author over the past several years, can be accessed through the links below:

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